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Junior year: Commandments #11-20

HI EVERYONE!!!!! Do you remember me? I used to consistently write posts for all of you, then I got busy and stuff but please forgive meeeee!!!! A special apology to my father-in-law, who has been requesting a post for a while :)

No but seriously, much of May, June, and July have looked something like this: Continue reading

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I was waiting for my 3:30 “Chief Complaint: Rash” to show up when a co-resident’s sister texted her about “an explosion” at the marathon finish line. Almost immediately (as we were skeptically searching Google News and Twitter’s #BostonMarathon hashtag for verification), the hospital over-headed the verification we were looking for: “ALL AVAILABLE ANESTHESIOLOGISTS PLEASE REPORT TO THE OR IMMEDIATELY. ALL AVAILABLE ANESTHESIOLOGISTS PLEASE REPORT TO THE OR IMMEDIATELY.” Continue reading

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When kids die

You read about diseases and their complications in medical school. You memorize the pathophysiology behind all the possible ways you can die, and then you get tested on them.

You read all about the lives that the flu claimed the year H1N1 hit. You watch your first cardiac arrest as a medical student during a shift in the emergency department.  You experience the death of your own grandparent.

But nothing prepares you for the death of a pediatric patient. Continue reading

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Intern year: my Ten Commandments

I’m 2 months into my 2nd year as a pediatric resident (which means I survived my month in the pediatric intensive care unit… heehee!!!), and as I sit here incredulous about time’s ability to fly past me, I can’t help but muse over how I managed to make it through my intern year.  Besides taking a quick, pertinent patient history, and getting pretty good at looking in kids’ ears as they actively fight me and my otoscope, I picked up on a few things that ensured my year was, for the most part, a smooth sail. Continue reading

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Insta-album: surviving the night shift in the emergency department


It’s 6 am and I’m watching the sun come up from the recesses of the emergency department as I come off a coffee high.  To kick off my year as a—AHEM!—junior resident (as in, no longer intern), I’ve been working the overnight shift in the ER… and I finally got my system down for how to survive this place.  For me, it takes 5 key items… Continue reading

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Sequins. And scrubs.

* sequined top from Ross, $9 * green scrub pants from Hermann Hospital, free (or as the fashion bloggers would say, gifted) *

YO YO YO!  The babies are all breathing.  No one is projectile vomiting bile, pooping blood, or turning blue.  Soooo… that clearly means I can write a blog post from the NICU computer?

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a fashion blog.  I REPEAT: This is not a fashion blog. Continue reading

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High Five!

❶ wearing ridiculous combinations of clothes… because I can (and because it distracts people from how tired I am) ❶

This is long overdue! I’m not being a very good doctor on the side. Actually, I’m not even being a little bit of a normal human being. Check it: I haven’t had a day off since 2 Saturdays ago… and I looked forward to starting my week of nights because it would mean that I would have one morning to sleep in before heading to the hospital. When I told my senior resident that I couldn’t wait to start nights so I could sleep in for a morning, she said: “That’s sad.” Continue reading

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Retreat in the woods

I’ve been walking around in a half-daze this week.  First of all, because I worked two weeks straight with no days off… and I have to work tomorrow (hence the utter absence of new blog posts).  That’s half a month without a single lazy morning at home!  Second of all, I’m all zombied-out because Steve Jobs passed two nights ago.  I’m devastated.  I knew his death was imminent, but with two MacBooks, two iPhones, and iPad, and several generations of iPods between my husband and I, it’s hard to imagine a world without his genius.  Continue reading

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High Five!

❶ freshly picked flowers from a walk around the neighborhood with Jeffrey ❶

With explaining to drunk 15-year-olds that having sex 2 weeks ago counts as “being sexually active,” and that I’m about to call their grandma to come pick them up from the emergency room, residency also comes with a wonderful little treat: vacation!  I spent the past 2 weeks on vacation, and packed so much stuff into my 14 little days that it was really difficult to pick just five things for this week’s high five friday.  Continue reading

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Mi casita: Sunroom

Ciao, people!  I’ve been away from the blog for almost two weeks because I went straight from working on the wards to doing back-to-back shifts at the emergency department without any breaks!  It was A LOT of fun, but my body is really appreciating its first full weekend off in 2 months :)

A lot of our family members have been asking me for pictures of our home, so I came up with an idea to show it to you Continue reading

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