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Happy Match Day!!!

It’s been three years since I last wrote about Match Day.  THREE YEARS!!!!!  Today is The Day.  Today, all across the country, 4th year medical students come together AT THE SAME EXACT TIME to open up the envelopes containing their fates for the next several years of their lives.  Today they learn where they will begin their terrifying (but mostly epic) journey as residents and, therefore, as real doctors. Today is the culmination of 24+ years of interminable study, blood, sweat, and tears. Continue reading

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Junior year: Commandments #11-20

HI EVERYONE!!!!! Do you remember me? I used to consistently write posts for all of you, then I got busy and stuff but please forgive meeeee!!!! A special apology to my father-in-law, who has been requesting a post for a while :)

No but seriously, much of May, June, and July have looked something like this: Continue reading

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Intern year: my Ten Commandments

I’m 2 months into my 2nd year as a pediatric resident (which means I survived my month in the pediatric intensive care unit… heehee!!!), and as I sit here incredulous about time’s ability to fly past me, I can’t help but muse over how I managed to make it through my intern year.  Besides taking a quick, pertinent patient history, and getting pretty good at looking in kids’ ears as they actively fight me and my otoscope, I picked up on a few things that ensured my year was, for the most part, a smooth sail. Continue reading

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High Five!

❶ sunset in New Castle, NH, after visiting with family for the day ❶

My parents and little brother returned home this week after 3 weeks of visiting us, exploring Boston with us, and helping us get settled into our wonderful new house.  Their time here FLEW BY!  Today’s high fives represent things we experienced together while they were here. Continue reading

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High Five!

❶ REAL Mexican food in Boston ❶

Well, this week has been less-than-ideal with regards to getting our new house in order.  For one, our furniture/clothes/appliances have STILL not arrived.  Our internet modem is 2 weeks late because, as we learned half an hour ago, no one remembered to process our order.  Two different cable services have come to check out our house and informed us that we have too many big trees to get adequate satellite signal.  We bought a TV for which the manufacturer forgot to include a stand Continue reading

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Doctor of Medicine…. WHAT?!

Nothing I put together in words here will even come close to describing the feeling of sitting back down on my assigned seat after having crossed the lit stage, opening the large orange envelope, and seeing–for the first time in my life–the words “Doctor of Medicine” written under my name.  NOTHING.  Continue reading

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A lot of a good thing

The absolute best part about my family is that no excuse is ever too small to come together and CELEBRATE!  Jeffrey and I’s upcoming med school graduation was no exception, and fifty people showed up to my parents’ “small gathering before the kids move to Boston.”

Flores cousins hanging out with grandpa

Continue reading

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High Five!

❶ orange converse shoes spice up my otherwise prosaic daily hospital attire (and match my stethoscope!) ❶

Among the MANY advantages of my patients being kids instead of adults is the beautiful unspoken right to pair such ridiculous articles of clothing as those shown above with slacks and collared button-down shirts.  Likewise, a purple monkey hangs from my stethoscope, and sticking my tongue out at patients produces bouts of hysterical laughter. Continue reading

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Match Day Ridiculousness

After 4 years of working our **BLEEPS** off, and several thousands of dollars in interviews around the country later, the excitement and anticipation for medical students around the country culminated today, March 17, 2011: MATCH DAY!  Today, we opened a little envelope and found out what program was brave (or crazy?) enough to hire us as doctors for the next several years as we finish the LAST leg of our academic training… FINALLY! Continue reading

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Disobeying Papi

Well, it all started when my dad (Papi) said: “When you grow up, you can be anything you want, except be a doctor.”  That’s all it took, and within a few years I was walking around looking like this:

After a 30-hour call night; I’m on the left!

But let’s rewind many, many months to my college orientation… Continue reading

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