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Picture story: Crisp air and caffè latte

Crisp air, coffee, and Tuscany

Crisp air and caffè latte

Today I woke up to a distinctly crisp, cool air.  I set the coffee pot and let the smell of fresh-brewed coffee percolate through the house.  As I curled up with a brand new book, I couldn’t help but be transported to one of many crisp cool mornings percolated with the aroma of hot caffe latte, many mornings ago. Continue reading

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Paolo, the physical and the metaphysical

By the age of 3, my mom had made sure that I knew the difference between Michelangelo’s David and Donatello’s (slightly less sexy) David.  By the age of 4, Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” was my favorite painting.  And by the age of 5, I knew that I would one day make it to Italy, and study Italian Renaissance art in the very cradle of the Renaissance movement.  And so I diligently continued to study art and art history, with my mom’s help and on my own, in preparation for my grand future trip. Continue reading

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Picture story: Mexican Spanish under Rome

Mexican Spanish under Rome

I jumped into the packed subway in Rome just as its doors were closing.  “La siguiente parada es la de nosotros,” I heard behind me.  Recognizing Mexican Spanish, I swirled around and excitedly exclaimed to the woman standing there: “Usted es de Mexico… ¡Yo tambien!” Continue reading

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Picture story: Running into the great master

I took a particularly demoralizing test today.  The interns were warned not to try studying for it.  Its purpose was to provide a baseline representation of our current pediatrics knowledge, to compare to our score on the same test 3 years from now (after residency has turned us into pedi geniuses).  Nevertheless, it made me feel inadequate.  So to nourish my current state of mind, I will think back to a place I once called home; a place a friend once precisely described as “somewhere between here and Heaven”: Italy. Continue reading

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Picture story: A cappuccino with a view

A cappuccino with a view


Today I decided to have lunch at The Garden Underground.  I’ve been here for 2 hours at least… the day is absolutely beautiful!  The weather is perfect.  I chose a table overlooking the valley, and ordered both an ice-cold cappuccino and a fresh Greek salad.  I proceeded in short intervals–interchanging between sipping coffee; digging through lettuce, feta cheese, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes; looking over the valley; and reading “A Room with a View.” Continue reading

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Picture story: Papier-mâché in deep blue paint

Papier-mâché in deep blue paint

For this one I will plagiarize–out of my own journal.  I chose to do so so as to preserve the spontaneity of my original entry.  I’ve never before shared a personal journal entry, but here goes:


I am sitting on the steps of the Piazza Sant’Angelo.  It is far from the most beautiful that Venice has to offer.  Yet, I felt the need to sit down and capture a moment I experienced not five minutes ago… Continue reading

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Picture story: The calm after the storm

The calm after the storm

Everybody told us Sicily was dangerous.  If northern Italy is like Manhattan’s Central Park on a crisp, cool, spring morning, then the southernmost tip is like the projects, at night, during a drug war, if the world had no cops.  Well, not really… But that IS the picture people painted for my roommates and I as we signed the release forms promising not to sue the study abroad program if we got killed in the process of visiting the place where The Godfather was filmedContinue reading

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Picture story: A composition in chipped wood and weathered iron

A composition in chipped wood and weathered iron

When my semester of study abroad in Italy came to a close and all my companions flew back for graduation, I refused to let my adventure end.  My bank account in zeros and no money-tree in sight among the endless vineyards, I jumped on the opportunity to work for a little Italian family, for 5 euro an hour.  I arrived at work my first day with a well-thought-out resume of my abilities in mind… “I can iron, I can sweep, I can cook, I can babysit, I speak English, I speak Spanish, I’m working on my Italian…” Continue reading

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Disobeying Papi

Well, it all started when my dad (Papi) said: “When you grow up, you can be anything you want, except be a doctor.”  That’s all it took, and within a few years I was walking around looking like this:

After a 30-hour call night; I’m on the left!

But let’s rewind many, many months to my college orientation… Continue reading

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