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Insta-album: Cozy winter grays


Today marks the start of my 5th week in the pedi intensive care unit (and the start of a week of nights, to top it off).  I’m exhausted and ready to see my family for the holidays.  I woke up dreading tonight’s shift.  One of our patients is having open heart surgery today, and let’s be real here: no resident wants to be on at night when that happens. Continue reading

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Insta-album: Slumber party weekend


Growing up, my favorite thing of all time was to have slumber parties with my best friends. Then I grew up. And it turns out slumber parties with my best friends are still my favorite thing of all time. They consist of good (read: terrible) food, great chatter, and an insane amount of laughter. Continue reading

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Insta-album: a lovely kind of Monday

GUYS! Something amazing happened:  I somehow miraculously ended up with a string of 6 consecutive days off from the emergency department this month… without even asking for it!  I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen, but who am I to question THE SYSTEM?!  We did nothing fancy with this unanticipated treat, but sometimes, a good staycation is unbeatable. Continue reading

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Our secret garden


entrance to our secret garden

You may have noticed that I have been MIA for a month.  Heme-onc (the pediatric cancer ward) came back to haunt me, and take up all my time.  I’ve been getting through a large coffee every morning and a double-shot espresso every afternoon, and in the evenings I find myself juggling two options: sleeping a full 6 hours, or showering.  As one of my fellow residents tends to say: “It’s not very glamorous.”  Continue reading

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Two years since our wedding bells!

Two years ago today, Jeffrey and I vowed to forever be each other’s best friend.  Since then, we’ve enjoyed a honeymoon in Bora Bora, successfully couple’s-matched into residency programs, became doctors, moved to Boston, and started a home with our dog and cat (…with lots of other fun stuff in between).  There’s no one in the world I would’ve rather shared all that with.  Happy 2nd anniversary, Jeffrey, and may our adventures continue until we are old and gray and bald and toothless!  YEAAAH!

(Suuuuuuuure do looooooove you.)

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Picture story: Just our bodies and the atmosphere. And the Alps.

Just our bodies and the atmosphere.  And the Alps.

          Rome, Cinque Terre, Venice, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam.

We had never flown before—just our bodies and the atmosphere.  Our bank accounts were nearly in the red.  But we had set aside just enough money to end with a bang.  We slept upright, sharing a small blanket with each other, and a tiny cart with someone who unscrupulously decided to take his shoes off and communally share the aroma of his feet.  But a cold, uncomfortable, and totally-worth-it overnight train ride later, my best friend and I found ourselves in the extreme sports capital of Europe: Interlaken, Switzerland. Continue reading

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I just finished reading the most fantastic book: The Art of Racing in the Rain. It’s about a dog that longs to be human, and about the intricacies of the human experience from the point of view of the dog himself. It’s a sad but beautiful story, wittily narrated by Enzo, a wise canine mutt. It’s a book written not for anybody that’s ever had a pet dog, but for anybody who’s ever thought of their dog as their best friend, partner in crime, and yes, soul-mate. From the ages of 6 to 18, I had one of those soul-mates. Continue reading

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High Five!

❶ freshly picked flowers from a walk around the neighborhood with Jeffrey ❶

With explaining to drunk 15-year-olds that having sex 2 weeks ago counts as “being sexually active,” and that I’m about to call their grandma to come pick them up from the emergency room, residency also comes with a wonderful little treat: vacation!  I spent the past 2 weeks on vacation, and packed so much stuff into my 14 little days that it was really difficult to pick just five things for this week’s high five friday.  Continue reading

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Why my intern class is AWESOME

You know how people that go to med school are of questionable coolness?  WELL, already I can tell that I am about to become a pediatrician among 12 of the coolest possible interns I could have ever been hand-picked into.  What did we do the day before our first day of residency?  We had a lanyard-making party!!! Continue reading

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A lot of a good thing

The absolute best part about my family is that no excuse is ever too small to come together and CELEBRATE!  Jeffrey and I’s upcoming med school graduation was no exception, and fifty people showed up to my parents’ “small gathering before the kids move to Boston.”

Flores cousins hanging out with grandpa

Continue reading

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