Best of 2011

For the first time in my life (like, ever), I am not spending New Year’s with my family.  I will miss out on the meal my grandma prepares ONLY for January 1st, and which the family starts looking forward to again as early as January 2nd: Cochinita Pibil.  Instead, I spent the day making sure babies were breathing.  I came home and reheated leftovers.  And now, I am waiting for Jeffrey to get home from the hospital so we can eat ice cream, catch up on our respective days, and get some rest before we both have to work again tomorrow.  ‘Tis the life of an intern, I guess!  To be honest, I hardly remembered I was working a holiday until I checked facebook, and everybody was talking about their exciting plans for the night.  Because I will probably be zonked out before midnight strikes, I will celebrate by remembering and sharing the highlights of 2011.  Among them, I started this blog, Jeffrey and I became doctors, and we started a life in Boston.  It was a very, very good year…

January: The new year always starts with the aunts getting the tortillas de maiz ready for grandma’s cochinita pibil, and the enormous Familia Flores.

February: The epic Texas “freeze” for which med school was cancelled for the day, the roads were closed, and people spent the day pretending it was Armageddon.

March: Jeffrey plans a surprise 1st wedding anniversary celebration at a cabin in a ranch… and we spend the weekend riding horses, petting kangaroos, and playing board games (does he know me or what?)

April: Visiting old friends for a weekend retreat in my old college town (College Station, TX… WHOOP!)

May: Jeffrey and I become DOCTORS!

June: We, our cars, our pets, my brothers, and my bro’s girlfriend make it to Boston!

July: I start residency, and become part of the coolest group of people I’ve met in a long time.

August: MANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

September: Jeffrey and I take advantage of all that New England had to offer… We go on a short roadtrip to Maine, and buy original art from the cutest painter ever.

October: The pedi interns get together after work to make Halloween costumes.

November: Jeffrey’s parents come to visit before Thanksgiving… We explore the New England coast, drink lots of hot chocolate, and put up the Christmas decorations!

December: My parents, brothers, and grandma fly to Boston to spend Christmas with us. And Nani makes me a TON of her pure de papa and stocks our freezer with it.

2011 started and ended with family.  And everything in between was awesome too.  Happy New Year, everybody.  Thank you for reading along, and see you in 2012!

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8 thoughts on “Best of 2011

  1. Jeff

    I say we start a new tradition this year… YOU make Cochinita Pibil!!! That way by the time we have grandkids you’ll be a pro!

  2. Tia Roxana

    Alexandrova!!!!!!!!! Estamos aquí con tus papas y Angel !!!! Feliz año nuevo!!!! Al rato te hablamos.

  3. Mami

    Los estamos extranando mucho! Me voy a asegurar de guardarte cochinita o me como tu Parte!

  4. Hooray for the April visit, by the way. Feels like yesterday! Happy New Year, Alecita…

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