Powder snow, margaritas, and lips on fire

There’s something special about your oldest childhood friend.  They are the first person you invited over for a sleepover, and the first person you thought to put in your wedding guest list.  Naturally, in brilliantly deciding to spend our spring break swooping down the powdery Rockies, Jeffrey’s immediate choice couple to invite on our adventure were his oldest childhood friend and his wife.  So meet Greg, shown below as he ridicules Jeffrey’s unappealing, hot-tub-bound outfit choice:

We got a fantastic ski-in/ski-out condo in Breckenridge, and spent the next 3 days exploring the huge mountain on our skis (and in my case, also in my huge white fox hat).  It snowed/blizzarded the whole time we were there, which gave us THE BEST powder snow I’ve EVER skied on.

At one point, I spotted Jeffrey skiing off into the distance and disappearing into a dense cluster of trees.  Not thinking twice about it, I decided to make my way across the mountain path and follow in his tracks.  Suddenly, I heard “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!” followed by the cracking of tree branches.  And then, utter silence.  THIS is what I found:

Apparently, he skied into two-foot-deep powder, and he couldn’t stop, turn, or do much of anything except crash into a pine tree.  It took taking off my skis, crawling over to Jeffrey, taking off his skis, and pulling him out using my poles.  Then we both had to climb uphill on our knees to get out of the mess and back on the ski path.  Ridiculous.

We also spent a lot of time snacking on snow, modeling in the snow, juggling balls of snow, burying each other with snow…

In the evenings, we cooked delicious meals, drank margaritas, played games, and ate s’mores.

Making s’mores on the fireplace got messy REAL QUICK…

HAHA!  On our last night there, I seduced everyone’s appetites with promises authentic Mexican food: tacos de carne deshebrada con chile, tomate, y cebolla en tortillas de harina…  WELL, the end result was 4 mouths on absolute fire.  I have never tasted hotter serrano peppers in my life, and it’s a shame they ruined a potentially amazing dinner for Greg and his wife, Brittany.  I think I almost killed them.  Here they are, slowly but surely removing every last tiny serrano pepper seed from their tacos…

Brittany ended the meal by covering her lips in cold sour cream–an unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to assuage her burning lips.  Then she developed a blister on the roof of her mouth.  Yikes!

We left the next morning in the middle of a snow storm.  We drove back to Denver at 30 mph, crossing our fingers so as not to miss our flights home.  We didn’t.

We made it home safely, after one of the best and most fun trips EVER.   We love you, Greg and Brittany!  Let’s do this until we’re old!  Thank God for ski trips, and thank God for oldest childhood friends!!!

All pictures taken with my Olympus Stylus Tough-6000 camera–the absolute best and fully weather-proof camera for adventure trips.
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5 thoughts on “Powder snow, margaritas, and lips on fire

  1. Jeff

    S’mores + margaritas = chocolate everywhere

  2. Jeff

    and seriously I don’t see anything wrong with that outfit

  3. mami

    AY Ale que risa!!!


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